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The History of Bambino by Juliana

baby accessories and gifts collection

Bambino by Juliana was born in 2012. Created with love by one of the UK's leading home & gift suppliers based in the north west of England. The family run company was, and still is, one of the longest standing and most well respected suppliers to the home and gift markets in the UK.

Since 1987 the company had worked with manufacturers in China to produce new gifts, keepsakes and home accessories. These included silver-plated baby gifts, Christening gifts, money banks, photo frames and all the usual baby gift suspects.

But by the early 2000s everyone was using those same suppliers. And so everyone began selling those same innovative ideas and products.

And once an innovation is taken up by everyone, once every shop sells the same things, it is no longer exciting and new. And it is no longer unique.

These run of the mill (or rather run of the factory which supplies the entire world) products were becoming tired, old hat and, honestly, a little boring.

How could we break the boredom? How could we create something new? Well, to do this we needed to strip the idea of a gift back to its fundamentals. 

What is a gift? The dictionary says "A thing given willingly to someone without payment". But it is more than that isn't it? Or at least, it should be. A gift should make someone feel special. It should make them feel appreciated, loved and cared for. And a gift should also make the person giving it feel special.

What makes a really great gift? A great gift needs to create a little moment of perfect magic when it is opened. Something both the recipient and the giver feel and share. And this magic needs to live on and come back every time you look at it and every time you think of it.

We realised that when a gift is a little bit more personal, a little bit more lovingly crafted and a little bit more unique, it becomes more than just a gift. It doesn't just get put on a shelf or in a box in the loft and forgotten about. It becomes a permanent fixture, that unlocks precious memories whenever you see it.

So, the real question was; how do we make our gifts truly special?

The answer was simple. We needed to offer something more than we were. We needed to bring something new that you couldn't find anywhere and everywhere else.

The next question was; how do we create this? 

It was clear we needed something unique. We needed to bring the responsibility for innovation home, into our own hands. And we needed to create a brand with an iconic look and a feel which separated it from all the faceless, nameless baby gifts on the shelves.

And so the concept Bambino by Juliana was born. Like a baby, from just the seed of an idea, conceived in passion for something better, and then nurtured with love, attention and dedication.

bambino by Juliana old logo

Our very first logo from back in 2011.

bambino by Juliana new logo

Today's lovely little logo! Soothing and neutral and a bit more modern than the first.

We hand selected a team of designers with exceptional abilities and flair from local universities and art schools. Designers who shared our passion for creating something with real meaning.

It started with pencil and paper and then moved onto design tablets and digital pencils and then into computer design software. Bambino developed and grew, like a baby, nurtured with love, attention and dedication.

We developed our signature neutral colour scheme and design motifs with our adorable mascots Teddy, Hop and Tiny (the elephant).

design inspiration for the bambino brand

We still hand draw initial drafts and ideas.

The first range was small, just 50 products. But each gift was crafted with the exact same attention to detail and quality, and the same amount of love. 

drawing sketches and illustrations for bambino products

One of our very first design sheets for a breakfast set.

We experimented with products and expanded to create the extensive range of over 300 gifts, nursery accessories and keepsakes which we have on offer today. 

Bambino by Juliana was born out of the principle that to create that heartfelt emotional connections between people, their gifts and their most special of occasions, the gift needs to be made with a little bit of that same emotion.


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